How haiga happens


Haiga is a Japanese concept for simple pictures combined with poetry, usually haiku. In Basho’s time (1644 – 1694), haiga meant a brushed ink drawing combined with one of his single poems handwritten as part of the picture. Today, haiga can be watercolor paintings, photographs or collages with a poem of any genre that is integrated into the composition. In my case, it is all digital. It usually begins with the photo. Sometimes something striking arrests my attention and makes me think, “I could write a poem on this!” And so, as I sit and gaze at the image, feelings stir awake, mental sap begins to flow and bits and pieces of a poem, usually a haiku, begin to emerge. Continue reading


All night rain falls

All night rain falls

in the hills
an owl calls out for a mate
all night rain falls


sleep sprites unreel
dream movies on closed eyelids
all night rain falls


I wake from this dream
into a dream more real
all night rain falls

the moon is an orange
the sound of rain a warning