Begonia -soft-lit

Begonia_soft copy

Flowers – those little joy-inducers. I cannot pass a flower by without photographing it, and if not carrying my camera, without wishing I had carried it. Having said that, I spend more time just gazing at the flower than I spend in shooting it and I must say I have spent many a happy hour in the company of these little packets of joy.

My usual photography practice is to shoot many images, and select one or two for post-production tweaking. I can spend hours tweaking an image but the thing I’ve found with flowers is that no matter how many adjustments I make, or filters I add, the look that always wins is the one that Nature produced. Natural and unembellished. For, how does one improve on natural beauty? How does one out-excel the creative aesthetic of the Creator?

The look on the begonia above I got by accident. The begonia looks ethereally beautiful as it is, but the photograph I had captured, I thought, wasn’t conveying the look of soft wistfulness, the inner-lit ephemeral beauty that is the begonia. And so, I went for it, the soft-lit look seen above. I hope the Creator does not mind 🙂